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MOFFAS is a new online social shopping environment that helps shoppers better connect, communicate and collaborate with others during shopping activities.

  • You want to get free shipping for your online orders even when your orders are not meeting the minimum requirement?

  • You want to enjoy deeper discounts for larger orders?

  • You want to have the wholesale price but don't want to take the minimum order quantity?

  • You want to communicate better when shopping with others?

MOFFAS is here to make it all happen for you. 🎉

Designed as a multipart and omnichannel system, MOFFAS is composed of a web browser extension, a mobile-end App and a supporting site that enables standard social networking functionalities. MOFFAS is not a e-commerce platform but works on any website on the Internet, turning the entire WWW into a shopping catalog.

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Special Notice: Customer support for Covid-19 related uses will be prioritized during this special time.

About MOFFAS Cartpool

CARTPOOL is the main feature of MOFFAS, which allows users to efficiently combine their separate orders into single master ones to meet minimums for better deals from merchants. Just like carpooling, "cartpooling" brings many economic and environmental benefits, saving shoppers money and time while protecting our Mother Earth.


About MOFFAS Cartfill

Unlike "Cartpool", "Cartfill" allows users to split large orders, such as sharing Cloud Storage Plan, wholesale items, etc.

Watch this video to understand the basic ideas behind Cartfill!