MOFFAS For Organizations

Organizations can take advantage of MOFFAS to facilitate projects that require coordinating and managing group shopping tasks. This can be especially helpful during challenging times, such as the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and other natural disasters.

Getting needed supplies to your community

Take a step further and get people what they want instead of generic basics. Make a bigger impact by making it more personal.

Whether you are polling, planning or doing the actual procurement/distribution, MOFFAS can help you understand what is needed in your community and make informed decisions accordingly.

Simple steps for coordinators/managers (basic):

  • Determine on the scope by limiting shopping destinations
  • Create an event on each destination (and set a deadline).
  • Invite community members to your events and provide instructions (this video might help).
  • Send reminders before events end; encourage communication
  • Use bill making tool to generate reports or make a group checkout.

  • Keep everyone informed using in-group communication module