MOFFAS Essentials
MOFFAS Concise Manual

How to create a MOFFAS shopping event?

In order to do a group shopping with your friends and family, we need to create an event through the extension first.

Simply click on the Create Event button and you can see the event profile page. Edit as you wish. After you are done with the details (like who to invite and how long you want this event to go on for), click submit.

If you don't see the event name field filled with autogenerated URL, please close the window and try again. This usually happens if you are somehow logged out of the main site prior to or during the process.

Now the event is live: 🤩

How to "Moff" (add) an item to your MOFFAS group cart?

Once you are in an active event on a specific site, you can see this green button in the Current Event menu.

Click on it and edit the product info as you see fit -

Alternatively, you can summon the context menu by right clicking on the page and then clicking "Let's Moffas that!".

How to rate items/pages?

Your Vibin' box is located on the right bottom corner of the webpage. You can also turn it off in the extension settings.

Simply choose a status that best describes your feeling and click "Set."

Click the Vibin' button to see all the Vibes in action.

How to record a holler?

- What is a holler?

Hollers are short shoutout messages that are embedded in webpages. They are only visible where you record them, either on the same page or the same site.

Currently, you can only see hollers from your friends, yourself and the system.

- Record a holler from the extension

Note: If you are having an event on the current page, the holler button will be pushed towards the end of the menu. For a quicker access, click the 🎙️ button on the side bar.

How to Echo Hollers

- Echo ALL

See all the hollers by you and your friends that were recorded on the site you are currently browsing within the timeframe of your choice (max. 7 days).

- Echo: Only for this unique page/URL

How to invite your friend to an event?

📝 You can only invite a member to an event. What if your friends are not members yet? Let's invite them to MOFFAS. 😎

- Invite a friend to a current event.

Look for the "Invite your friends!" button and click.

In the popup window, type in your friend's username and confirm. Your friend is now invited. Remember that for a user to join your event he or she has to accept the invite first.

- You can also invite a member when you are creating an event.

How to invite people to MOFFAS?

You can initiate an invitation through the extension or directly from this supporting community site.

Through extension

Open the MOFFAS extension menu and find the human icon on the side navigation bar. Click on it and you will be taken to the invite page in the new popup window.

From this website

The invite management box sits right on the home page.

Then, from the invitation page, you can choose to send a link directly, which is more convenient if you like to use text messaging, chat messengers, etc, or go with a more traditional email form.

Invitation Link
Email form

[PAYMASTER] How to add group mates' items to the event cart?

As a paymaster, you will find the Paymaster Options section under "Current Event".

Open the Group Cart to check all the items. Please note, you items will not be included here.

You can then click on the "Add to Cart" button to go to the item page, whereupon you can operate further using the website's own flow.

You cannot permanently delete your group mates' items, which is restricted by design. The "delete" button here is to only temporarily delete the item from the list for clarity purposes.